Personal Symbols

I wear a pentacle around my neck. It’s a small one, not even half an inch tall, but I’ve had several people make direct observations about it. There is also a small, silver feather charm on this necklace. Some time ago, this necklace had 3 other symbols on it; an ankh, a jeweled charm that matches the ring my boyfriend gave me, and a tiny blue stone. It was my necklace of the elements, representing earth, fire, water, air, and spirit. I lost the blue stone, got in a fight with my boyfriend and haven’t put the charm back on it since we made up, and the jump ring for my ankh broke.

I’ve had one person outright tell me I was wearing the symbol of the devil and that meant I worshiped Satan (because she learned about that in Sunday School, didn’t I go?). Recently I had someone (a complete stranger, again) joke that Jesus hated witches. I didn’t take either very well. I got haughty and upset and spewed things that probably weren’t the most well-thought out, but it actually doesn’t matter. Those people who don’t know me are pretty ignorant if they’re saying (and believing) things like that. I’m not their mother, it’s not my responsibility to correct them; and I honestly have no interest in changing their beliefs. I’d rather look like an uneducated religious-freak than shove my opinions down someone’s throat.

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