Do things feel a little crazy right now? Blame the incoming MercuryRx

I’m not much of an astrology buff, but I’ve started to pay more attention when I notice things, well, going to hell in a hand basket. Mercury is a planet (duh) but because this planet is associated with communications and technology, it’s pretty obvious when it’s energetic influence is going sour. For example, without fail, I seem to get into some stupid fight with a close friend or relative every single time Mercury goes retrograde. Here’s another way to look at it – Mercury Rx is astrology’s version of Murphy’s Law. Ergo, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

What happens is the planet appears to be moving backwards through the solar system. It’s an illusion that occurs when the other planets around it aren’t moving in tandem with this small, red planet. Specifically, the earth wobbles on an axis which means it fluctuates between 2 and 5 degrees off-center at any point during the year. And when we’re tipped one way or the other, the earth feels like it’s spinning faster, which creates the illusion that the other planets are moving at different speeds. Think of driving on the highway with another car besides you. If that car slows down, it seems like they are going backwards – but it’s only an illusion that happens based on your point of reference.

Mercury hasn’t gone retrograde quite yet – it’s scheduled to be official on Thanksgiving (November 23rd for non-Americans) – but you might already be feeling the effects now. I’ve already experienced some quite agitated text-messaging and emails, and the timing really is quite impeccable. Energetically speaking, the environment feels very agitated, on the edge of chaos; not unlike TV shows where a place has been doused in gasoline and the viewers are waiting on the edges of their seats for that one little spark that will send the whole place ablaze. The good news is that sometimes, when we clear the air and get rid of those things that create static in our relationships, we usually feel a lot better afterwords. But there are a few more things I should probably tell you.

The first bad news is that Mercury isn’t supposed to go direct until December 14th, and even then, it will take a few days to go completely back to normal. The second part is that Mercury is going retrograde while the Sun is in Sagittarius. Do you have any Sag friends? As a Sag, I can tell you that this particular Mercury Rx isn’t going to be subtle in the slightest. It’s going to be blunt and less-than-tactful. Be careful of foot-in-mouth syndromes. And I’m not talking just locally, there will probably be some national or even global implications.

There will be lots of feeling like things have just piled up and have gotten out og control. For example, if you’ve been with your guy or gal for a while now and have put off telling him/her a few things about what irk you… now is the time where they will come barreling out of the closet and quite possibly ruin your afternoon.  Now, granted, I’m also in a season of my life where I am pruning out certain things and people from my life, and trying to encourage what I’d like to keep, so maybe this is just for me. But for the most part, the biggest thing about Mercury Rx is the constant little annoyances that pile up and make life really frustrating.

During this holiday season, it might help to keep thinking about things that you are grateful for, or to keep a stress ball in your pocket. Perhaps switching up your exercise routine and adding in some more Reiki or meditation can help keep those irritations from bugging you. I personally like blue calcite and amethyst when Mercury retrogrades – blue calcite is a stone that aids communication and amethyst is a healer and soother. I’ve also used lavender essential oil, which helps me fall asleep at night.

What activities and tips do you have for surviving Mercury Rx?


What makes one a good friend?

This morning, I asked this question on Twitter: “does a true friend support you no matter what, or can they tactfully tell you when you’re making a mistake?”

This particular question has been weighing on me for several weeks now, in more ways than one. In fact, it’s an issue I’ve always struggled with. I wonder if it is one I will continue to struggle with after the course of this month, or whether I’ve learned my lesson. Continue reading