I have returned!

Okay, only sort of.

I’m in the process of updating my blog a little bit – it really needs a good dusting since I haven’t touched it in at least six months. I have a new layout in the works, and I need to make a few tweaks to the settings, namely so that I get a notification when someone comments on a post. The good news is, I finally got a new computer, and it’s an iMac, so not only is it functional with minimal requirements for the user, it’s very shiny and cool and LOOKS cool to play with. Plus I invested in a netbook that I can take with me to blog on the go. It’s been going quite well, except I’m posting my best stuff on Tumblr, and I shouldn’t be. I have very much enjoyed my time on Tumblr, and it’s helped me connect with lots of people, but it’s just not an area where I can do a lot of core text-related posts. It’s very difficult for me to get feedback, to track views and users, and to keep track of everything else I have going on. I’ll still be using Tumblr so if you’d like to follow me, my url is constantine319.tumblr.com.

Other good news is that I undertook and completed all three levels of Usui Reiki training this summer. I’ve also broadened my tarot expertise just a smidge, and I’ve definitely done some more networking. And I’ve actually been using that Kindle of mine a bit more, too.  (For those of you who don’t know, I’m a bit of a bookaholic. Rearranging the apartment this summer yielded a hefty 200+ count of spiritual books, and quite the backache the day after.) So, I’ve got a few book reviews in the process that I can’t wait to share with you. Plus I’ve acquired a few new tools – crystals, a Tibetan singing bowl, a massage table, and some new oracle and tarot decks – that I’m excited to talk about, also.

A few more things I’d like to share – I’m currently taking classes with Alice Langholt of Reiki Awakening Academy. I found Alice’s blog shortly after I began exploring Reiki this past January, and recently inquired about her Energy Healing Certification Program. I’m three classes in and I had my first Practical Reiki attunement yesterday – I am really loving the journey so far. Everyone in the class is really cool, and I’m glad to be a part of a wide spectrum of ages and experience. Alice really knows what she’s talking about, and she has a very charming way of connecting you with the material. (I think that’s a Sagittarius thing.) There are a few more classes I’ve got my eye on. I really should have been sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore, because this thirst for knowledge is what’s kept me going the last few weeks. (PS! If you sign up for a class, tell them Jessica Bowman sent you! I get $10 towards the next class I want to take for referrals.) I also created a paranormal investigation group with a few of my friends. We’re in the process of setting up the website, designing the shirts and business cards, and getting the organization itself all established. It’s been a bit meticulous, but being so detail-oriented, I’ve actually enjoyed the process so far.

I think that wraps it up for now – blessings!