The 411 on Spirit Guides

I have often heard this complaint from people; “I’m trying to contact my spirit guide, but I never seem to get anywhere.”

It’s not usually followed by “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong”, it’s usually just frustration and annoyance. Are you one of these people who is actively trying to connect to spiritual guidance in your life? First, congratulations! The number of people who are looking at spiritual guidance is growing every day, and it’s okay to be in that shallow water where you’re not sure WHAT you’re looking for, but you know you feel something out there.

Second, consider all the things you’ve been doing in attempt to contact your spirit guide. Have you been meditating? Consulting oracles, like runes, tarot cards or tea leaves? How about trying affirmations and visualizations where you’re meeting and conversing your guide? Are you among those who repeatedly try opening your third eye chakra in meditation?

Things still not clicking quite yet?

Here’s a little secret. Your guides have ALREADY been talking to you. That’s right! They’ve been trying to subtly guide you in the right direction your whole life.  Let’s revisit what exactly a spirit guide is, just so we’re all on the same page.

A spirit guide is, well, a guide without a body. Some people call them guardian angels, others call them imaginary friends. Different cultures, different people all believe we have different amounts; some say we only have one, others say we have access to dozens. Here’s what I know. It doesn’t matter what specific title you use to refer to them, but everyone has one that follows them from birth to the afterlife. If you believe in past lives, they’re with you between lives and help you plan out your next one, and they’re there to escort you back to spirit when the time is ready.

So, if you’ve been trying all the different methods I listed before, and feel like you haven’t gotten any response, it’s because you’ve been trying too hard. Your spirit guide has been with you your whole life; they are your closest friends because they have seen you when you are at your worst, and they made the commitment to stay with you through this life. Don’t be afraid of them, and don’t try so hard to look for them. They’re right there beside you, just like they have been.

If you’re in this position, try taking a break for a few days from all the psychic workouts. Relax; practice meditation as an art of inner stillness and a way to help you access the spiritual. This will help you filter out the daily and mundane and before you know it, you’ll be able to distinguish their voices. They WANT to talk to you, but they speak quietly, so ask simple questions, and listen for a reply. Trust me, you’ll get one.