2011 Predictive Reading

Sunday morning, I stumbled upon a tweet from Donnaleigh about performing self-predictions for the year ahead. Her blog post suggested a simple six-card reading with some good tips for smaller predictions you can set up to mail yourself in the future. I’ve never done a prediction for myself for the year ahead, so I decided to give it a try. I sat down with my Legacy of the Divine deck and laid out six cards.

  1. Theme of 2011 – Ace of Swords
  2. Biggest challenges of 2011 – 7 of Pentacles
  3. Biggest perks – 3 of Swords
  4. Advice – 2 of Swords RX
  5. Outcome of the year – 4 of Cups RX
  6. Spiritual lesson for 2011 – 8 of Pentacles RX

Self Prediction for 2011

The 9 of cups jumped out while I was shuffling the cards, which I thought was very strange after I finished laying out all the cards and saw the three reversals, and three swords.

I tend to rely more on my intuition for what the cards mean than a memorized interpretation, simply because I get much more information when I’m flexible with the interpretations. However, today was not the case. With the 3 of swords in the ‘perks’ position, I am pretty stumped. And the reason is that I associate this card with heartbreak or sadness – not necessarily loss. My personal loss cards are usually the 8 of cups or the 5 of cups – often even the 5 or 7 of swords (I believe). So what is the 3 of swords telling me?

When I’m stumped on a card, I go back to looking at the card, say aloud what I see, and revisit some basic knowledge about the card. The person on this card is clearly experiencing an emotion, with the heart on their face and the tear running down their cheek. However, this is a sword, not a cup; swords represent clarity of thought, logic, and truths, while cups are about emotions and relationships. Yes, there is a dark background to the card, hinting that this may be a difficult and painful time, but again, the presence of the swords tells me this is a sadness based on facts. This is why I usually associate this particular card with sudden breakups, job changes and sometimes deaths – they are directly connected to an unpleasant fact.

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New Year Goals

With the New Year coming up, and all the talk of resolutions, I’ve been thinking about ..well, everything. First, I think about what I wanted to do last year at this time, things I may have ‘resolved’ to do at that point. A few included getting full time employment, managing my expenses, paying for my own phone, and moving out. I have achieved all of these. Last year I wanted to put together a big poster of everything I wanted to do – that never happened for a couple of lame reasons. I’m thinking I’ll give it another try for this year.

(I don’t like using the word ‘resolution’ because it’s a form of ‘resolve’. To me, resolutions mean decisions that you have to be firm about in order to get done, which implies that they take a lot of discipline. I prefer to view them as things I am passionate about, and therefore WANT to get done, not ‘need’ to get done. I am also the type who has a tendency to become very inspired to do things but not know what to do; having this list will give me things to do to take advantage of my inspiration.)

Some of my goals are to;

  • get into online school and keep up with the homework
  • set up my online tarot reading business
  • and do a vision board for it
  • start my spiritual development circle off on the right foot
  • pay off my credit card… again
  • update my blog on a [minimum] twice-monthly set schedule
  • get a healing session – or take a day to do this for myself – every month
  • make more meals from scratch, bring leftovers for lunch
  • thank people more
  • take more baths
  • WRITE DOWN MY BLOG IDEAS. it only takes a second and I can keep it with me forever.
  • donate to charity more
  • take more pictures
  • do a vision board for my dream job
  • make affirmation paintings and hang them up around the apartment so I SEE THEM every day
  • develop an exercise routine I’ll stick to
  • and maintain my meditation schedule.

I’d love to sit down and make a vision board for this year – I don’t know how I’ll find pictures for all of these, so I envision this being a lengthy process of searching and probably making a lot of the images myself. I’ll probably have to get to my local library and make some photocopies of images I have in many of my magazines… which I’m not willing to chop up for the sake of the vision board.

I’ve already gotten started on a few of these – I’ve been making notes for blog posts today during slow times at work, and I’ve got a good chunk of initial work done for getting my online tarot business set up. With school, I’ve already applied; just need to come up with about $500 for the down payment and for the course materials, then maintain the monthly payment.. which should not be an issue at all.

I’m really excited for 2011. It will be full of adventures, blessings and life in general.