Win a free 2012 tarot forecast

It is November and that means the end of the year is right around the corner. More specifically, we’ll be making New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals for 2012 before you know it. Getting a forecast for the upcoming year can help you get a feel for what to expect, but, more importantly, it can help give you direction, support and inspiration for priorities, potential trouble areas, and even help you get the most out of your year. Never had a reading with me before? Check out some of the fantastic praise I’ve gotten here. I am giving away ONE of these readings (a $75 value!) to one very lucky individual – and that lucky person could be you. Yes, you heard me right, you! There are only TWO things you need to do to enter for a chance to win!


The first thing you have to do is share the news! There are three different ways you can do this –

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The second thing you need to do is fill out this form telling me how you advertised the giveaway. The most important thing about this is to give me your email address so I can notify you if you win! You can include the link to the post if you’re feeling extra generous.


Each time you tweet, reblog or tag my business on Facebook and then follow up with filling out the form constitutes as an entry. You can enter twice (2 times) a day. You’ll be disqualified if you enter more than 2x per day (I’ll know). Contest ends at 11pm CST on Wednesday, November 23rd, and the winner will be contacted sometime the following day. The winner will be selected at random, using an online random selector. The winner has 24 hours to return the contact in order to receive the reading – if he/she doesn’t reply for some reason, I will select another winner.

You do not need to follow this blog, my Tumblr, or my Twitter account to qualify. You do not need to like my Facebook page in order to qualify. (But if you DO, you’ll be the first to know when these giveaways are happening – so why not?)

This reading may take up to 3 days to complete. I use 12 cards from a tarot deck and 3 cards (or more) from an oracle deck.

Ready, set.. GO!


The Price of Tarot: Pt 1

In today’s world, the dollar is the driving force behind everything we do. We may not like it, but we need money to buy food, clothes, and shelter. Some of us may be lucky to have a garden or to make our own clothes or build our own homes, but those things have to come from somewhere. Most of us rely on (hopefully) steady jobs and hobbies here and there to make our living. A few of us soldier it alone in their own businesses. Some of us slave; others play to make our living. Money is a driving force in our life and thus some people feel like we are a slave to it’s value and how much we bring in, even identifying ourselves by this number. The more pride we have in our jobs, the less this number matters – unless we feel it matches or outweighs our ‘gross annual income’.

It doesn’t take long for tarot enthusiasts to encounter the idea of selling their services as a reader. In some cases, it is inevitable. Well, can you blame us? If we love what we do for free, it only makes sense that we should be able to make our living off if it. Take, for instance, those who may see a reader but have bad luck with them, or can’t afford them, so they dig into their own resources and purchase their own deck. Eventually, they say, this is easy, I can charge x and whip out a reading and make some serious money doing this!

Or, take into consideration the skilled but sheltered reader, who reads for others and refuses payment, but is repeatedly told that she knows what she’s doing and could really make a living doing this. She probably approaches the subject very carefully and considers everything before she takes the leap into the world of business.

Which category do you fall under?

I never anticipated charging for my readings. But lately, I’ve become aware that the service I provide does tax me. It’s not something I want to just give freely now. I’m looking for people who want to take me seriously – and are thusly willing to pay me for my time – so that I can practice my art seriously. I have had tools at my disposal for some time now, even especially lately, thanks to a wonderful Theresa Reed, and now… now I am ready, I think, to slowly ease myself into the pool of professional tarot readers.

This is the first in what I hope will become a substantial series about the dreaded, the often misunderstood, the rarely used and abused, money & tarot issue. I want to take this blog on a journey as I build and prepare myself for the future career I dream of.

Below I’ve listed just a few of my concerns I have about what I’m doing. These are small snippets around which I’ll be building the continued series, so take them as sneak peaks for the future. I’ve also got a few people I’ve asked for advice in this area so there will be mini-interviews as I trek onward and upward.

  • I currently have a small website set up that offers 3 different reading options. I sell a $5 reading that uses between 3 – 5 cards but I feel like I still give an awful lot of information, about the same that I’d give for a $15 or 9-card reading. I’m not sure why I feel this way because although I narrate what the cards mean and how they influence each other, I have way more to talk about with a bigger reading than the smaller reading. I don’t want to cut out my customer and not give them the answer they’re looking for, but at the same time, I feel like I should charge a bit more. I definitely haven’t got the right prices in place for my services.
  • Which brings me to my next area of unease. I’m not out to make a buck – but I’d certainly like to pad my income a bit. Honestly, I’d be really happy right now if I could use the proceeds from my reading service to pay for my internet usage, so that I can start saving for school. I don’t have the experience to justify $100/hour like Christine does, but I don’t think I should be selling myself short. I LOVE my work but I don’t want to grow weary of it because I feel like I’m not making enough. I’m also not satisfied with the mentality that people will pay me above and beyond my set prices ‘because I’m worth it’… I’m certain SOME people will tip me, eventually, but I can’t plan on it.
  • Reading in public. Whoamg. Huge personal issue for me. I did a reading for my dad this weekend and I was so nervous it took twice as long as it normally did because I was hesitating about everything I said. I really would benefit from having people I can practice in person with so I can work over my fear of people judging me while I get my tarot groove on and get those questions answered. So what I’m hoping to do is to try reading at my local New Age store – but I’m not sure how soon I can try that because I’m going to spend most of this month working overtime at my day job.

Tarot Reading Exercises Pt 1 – A reading for Bella Swan

When you’re learning how to read tarot cards, many of us are warned to not read for others until we have a good understanding of the cards. But on the other hand, we’re told not to rely on memorized definitions for the cards, because every time we flip a card over, the meaning changes. Also, the surrounding cards can influence the meaning of a card. So – if we’re not encouraged to read for others, how are we supposed to get a good grip on how tarot works in an actual reading situation? How do we develop techniques to help us read effectively from the beginning?

There are a couple different techniques for this – today I’ll just be sharing one so that I can keep these segments from getting too long. Continue reading

Horn Tooting

Yesterday I was featured on TheTarotLady‘s blog. In a series she’s doing about young tarot readers, she asked me for an interview. She’s also interviewing 3 other tarot readers (another interview besides mine has already been posted, which features Angelo Nasios). If you’re the least bit interested in tarot, you’ll want to check out this series – and bookmark Theresa’s blog, because she’s ALWAYS got something awesome going on there.

And if you’re following me because of her interview – welcome!! I look forward to sharing my stories with and getting to know you guys.

Memorizing Isn’t The Answer

I recently purchased a tarot reading on eBay. As I opened the email containing the reading, I was originally impressed with the length of the document, considering I paid less than $15 for it. The reading itself was introduced by a couple of paragraphs from the reader – how she apologized for the delay, how she did two spreads, and in the second one, she had noticed a positive career change. She then went on to notice that I had sold a few tarot readings on eBay some time ago, and one particular card in the reading reminded her of this.

The reader set up the first reading which was advice from my ‘angels’, or a spread done largely with an angelic oracle deck. She listed the 5 positions and their meanings, and then proceeded to list the cards and their meanings – without any reference to their position. At first, this didn’t concern me. Until I noticed that the second spread was a 12 card spread – done the same way, just reciting what the cards mean and not working off of how the combined cards worked together. In fact, several of the cards contradicted themselves; one card in the second reading said ‘You are in communication with your Angels, and the messages that you are receiving are very real indeed. Trust them,’ and later on it said ‘(this) …is also a sign from your angels. They are trying to get through – please notice!’ With no narration from the reader, I was (and still am) stumped at how I’m supposed to use this to help me. Either I’m paying attention, or I’m not. It’s possible that I’m listening to them but not trusting them, but this is a distinction I would have expected to be shown to me, not one I’d have to suss out myself.

Tarot reading – or, in this case, oracle reading – is not about merely pulling cards from the deck and parroting what the book says about the cards. Relying on definitions from the book won’t help you answer questions, and they certainly won’t help you answer the querant’s questions if they’re the least bit complex. The books merely serve as a guideline for interpretation. It’s also important to consider the surrounding cards, because they can influence the meaning of other cards. And, to top it off, the position in the spread plays a key role in the meaning of a card.

How does the Archangel Michael card in the ‘what I’ve learned’ position relate to my question about what I need to know about my career? “I will help you” doesn’t exactly make sense. I’m ‘currently learning’ about a ‘move or new job which is in the works and will usher in a positive new energy’. And the last card in the sequence was supposed to represent my life’s purpose, but I was told the card ‘represents a deceased loved one who loves me very much and doesn’t want me to worry about them’.

I don’t mean to ridicule because she does have the makings of a great reading here; she has all the pieces because everything she said COULD be applied to me. I mean, let’s be honest; I have recently gotten a new job, I have been wanting to move; I am studying mediumship, I have been told by several that I have ‘an ear for the dead’, so to speak.  However, because she was vague and didn’t pull that one thread joining everything together, to pull that thread tight and keep everything centered around my question, she fell short. The reading felt cold, rehearsed, and disjointed. It’s all just information, observations; nothing substantial.

My point isn’t to ridicule the reader, because I do think there is hope for this lady and it’s possible she doesn’t know any better. (And let’s be honest – the reading was cheap. I didn’t expect it to be life-changing.) But I am really, really glad that I set myself up for this opportunity, because it’s given me a lot to think of in terms of how to keep customers happy. I’ve recently started to set up my online business, so I’ve been trying to focus on a system I can follow to ensure I’m doing the best job I can to help the people who turn to me.

Here’s a few things I wrote down for myself as I as going through this reading. You might find some of these helpful.

  • Always help the querant ask the right question. Tarot is a tool for insight and information, so it’s best used that way. When you formulate your questions with this knowledge, you are setting an intention to receive information that will help you with your decisions.
  • Tell/show the querant the cards. Provide an opportunity for them to see the same thing you’re seeing, so they understand how the visual appearance of the card is integral to it’s meaning.
  • Share your internalized process. I always remember one of the first readings I did, and how I explained why the Strength card made me think of a friend of mine; how tough this friend of mine is, no matter what comes her way, and how sometimes she was so tough she couldn’t back down. The amazing thing is that the woman I was doing the reading for understood exactly what I meant when I shared a story about how I saw my friend turn prideful one day because of her inability to back down. Turns out the woman was in a similar situation thought that resisting was the only way she could survive with her dignity in tact. She walked away with a new curiosity about what it really meant to be strong. Would reading the book to this woman about that card had the same effect?
  • Communicate well. It doesn’t matter how well you read the cards; if you can’t communicate their meaning to the querant effectively in regards to their question, you negate the point of the reading. The querant doesn’t have their question answered, and you have an unhappy customer on your hands, which is certainly not good for advertising.
  • Don’t over draw. We’re often tempted to have a really long, drawn-out spread to search for our answers, but resist the urge to draw card after card. This tends to taint a reading because it becomes more about looking for a specific card than being open for guidance.

…or maybe I’m wrong about what it means to be a tarot reader? Mm, unlikely. Possible – because, well, even though I don’t like to admit it, I’ve been wrong before – but not likely. What do you think?

2011 Predictive Reading

Sunday morning, I stumbled upon a tweet from Donnaleigh about performing self-predictions for the year ahead. Her blog post suggested a simple six-card reading with some good tips for smaller predictions you can set up to mail yourself in the future. I’ve never done a prediction for myself for the year ahead, so I decided to give it a try. I sat down with my Legacy of the Divine deck and laid out six cards.

  1. Theme of 2011 – Ace of Swords
  2. Biggest challenges of 2011 – 7 of Pentacles
  3. Biggest perks – 3 of Swords
  4. Advice – 2 of Swords RX
  5. Outcome of the year – 4 of Cups RX
  6. Spiritual lesson for 2011 – 8 of Pentacles RX

Self Prediction for 2011

The 9 of cups jumped out while I was shuffling the cards, which I thought was very strange after I finished laying out all the cards and saw the three reversals, and three swords.

I tend to rely more on my intuition for what the cards mean than a memorized interpretation, simply because I get much more information when I’m flexible with the interpretations. However, today was not the case. With the 3 of swords in the ‘perks’ position, I am pretty stumped. And the reason is that I associate this card with heartbreak or sadness – not necessarily loss. My personal loss cards are usually the 8 of cups or the 5 of cups – often even the 5 or 7 of swords (I believe). So what is the 3 of swords telling me?

When I’m stumped on a card, I go back to looking at the card, say aloud what I see, and revisit some basic knowledge about the card. The person on this card is clearly experiencing an emotion, with the heart on their face and the tear running down their cheek. However, this is a sword, not a cup; swords represent clarity of thought, logic, and truths, while cups are about emotions and relationships. Yes, there is a dark background to the card, hinting that this may be a difficult and painful time, but again, the presence of the swords tells me this is a sadness based on facts. This is why I usually associate this particular card with sudden breakups, job changes and sometimes deaths – they are directly connected to an unpleasant fact.

Continue reading

Spirituality and Parents

Last night I finally admitted to my dad that I read tarot cards.

It happened in a strange way… I can’t really explain the details right now, but I needed his help for something and it was related to tarot, so I ..spilled.

When I was a kid, we drove past a house in town that had a big billboard advertising psychic readings on their doorway. I remember my dad scoffing at the thought, then admitting he’d go to a psychic ‘for fun, not for seriousness’. I can’t ever remember him being overly religious, but he tends to be somewhat skeptical. On the other hand, he’s the one who introduced me to the Secret, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when he took it well. (Perhaps it might be more appropriate to say, he didn’t take it badly.)

I simply told him I read tarot cards. There wasn’t any elaboration, really. Later on in the evening, he asked for a reading – he said it somewhat jokingly, but I was serious when I asked him if he actually wanted one. “Sure,” he said. But that’s all the discussion that came from it.

At another point in the evening, as I was opening a package that had been delivered to my parent’s house instead of the apartment I live in with my boyfriend, Dad happened to notice what I was doing; he also noticed that I had received a new tarot deck. Before I knew it he was standing over me, asking about it. I was so surprised I couldn’t help displaying the cards. Right away he said these weren’t very traditional cards (as anyone who’s seen the Voyager Tarot can agree), which again, surprised me.

This was the extent of the conversation we had.

I’m not sure what to make of it. On one hand, as I said, he didn’t take it poorly. His request for a reading, even though it was phrased as a joke, was rooted in sincerity. On the other hand, I wonder if he’ll tell my mother. I wonder what she’ll think. There have been signs, I suppose, that both of my parents are accepting… but I’m still not quite ready to make the step and flat out tell them everything I do. I have such a good relationship with my mom, it’s sometimes quite strange to keep anything from her. I don’t feel like I’m hiding it, but I’m not bringing it up.

I have a few other issues that this is bringing up as well. I think I have a hard time reading for people I know well. Actually, I have no idea how I handle reading for people I know well. I have a few people I read for somewhat regularly, but none that I’ve known as long as my own family. Can I read for them ethically? And, can I read for them well? It enters into a whole other playing field when I consider the fact that I’m (potentially) sharing my greatest passion with my family, and that I could be laughed off the face of the earth. Okay, maybe it’s not quite THAT harsh. But I could really put myself under some fire if I don’t perform up to par.

As if that isn’t enough, another twist to throw into the mix is the fact that I channel when I read. I actually use some sort of mediumship when I perform my readings. In fact, I’m thinking about naming my tarot reading front ‘Spirit Guided Tarot’ because I work with spirit guides so much when I use my tarot cards. (Sometimes it feels like the cards are just a jumping point for my mediumship. Is that strange? It works for me.) So, if they (parents) were to ask me how it worked, how can I explain that? Without sounding like I need to end up in a looney bin, that is. I highly doubt they’ll ship me off to an institution, but still. Anything short of pure acceptance is going to throw off my groove, no matter what.