Did you know you have a 24-7 spiritual support network?

When we are on this earth, we have multiple forms of support. We’re all familiar with our nuclear family (brothers, sisters, parents), our extended families (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents), our friends, our co-workers, our colleagues, neighbors, employers, religious authorities, and so on and so forth. But did you know you also have a support team made of spirits who have no other job except to be at your shoulder?

Your spirit guides are beings of love and light who are enlightened enough to function as guides. They differ from angels because spirit guides have had human incarnations, whereas angels are messengers who may take human form in order to get their jobs done. Spirit guides don’t do the work for you, and they don’t give you specific instructions for what to do – but they are exceptional at providing support, sharing experience, and inspiring you. You may have anywhere between 3 to 40 guides at any one time. These spiritual agents help us get through the most difficult times in our lives, as well as encouraging us to take care of ourselves and to have fun.

Want to learn more about these helpers? Read my post, the 411 on Spirit Guides.


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